Review: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion

9 March 2015

A few months back I found Bondi Sands on Instagram after the lovely Renee Somerfield had uploaded a picture saying that she uses this brand of tan. Anybody who knows Renee Somerfield would know that she has a killer body and an equally killer tan, so I immediately wanted to know her secret. I started looking through all the Bondi Sands Instagram pictures and was envious of how lovely they all looked so thought I that I had to have this tan because, I too want to look like a golden goddess frolicking at the beach (Despite it being freezing in England at the moment).

After doing some research I discovered that it was an Australian brand and if I wanted the tan I would have to get it shipped from Australia. This was kind of a bummer because I knew I would have to pay for shipping and also, that I might not even like it. However I was willing to pay the price for the desire of a golden tan like Renee, but to my delight when I was on the website it came up with an advert saying that the tan will be released in Superdrug in February! As it was only a few weeks away I thought I might as well wait, which I did and before I knew it, it was sitting on the shelves in my local Superdrug.

In the past I have had a lot of trouble finding a fake tan that didn't leave my skin looking patchy. I have quite dry skin so finding a tan that goes on smoothly and looks patch free is a hard task. This goes on to the reason for why I bought the Tanning lotion rather than the Tanning Foam, in the past foam tan's tend to be more drying so I opted for the lotion which is more suited for dry skin types. My initial thoughts when I used the tan were that it smelled delicious, like coconuts, it smelt like a summers day at the beach in a bottle. My first application (after exfoliating and moisturising) went on lovely, I used a tanning mitt for easy application. It wasn't drying at all, in fact I found that it contains aloe vera and coconut which are both very moisturising for the skin. It lasted real well and faded off nicely, no patches, just my gradual paleness coming back. I absolutely loved it! 

Now I am a tanned goddess and I absolutely love it. I can't believe I have finally found a tan I love, I would recommend Bondi Sands tan to anybody! I bought the light/medium tan which was perfect for my pale skin, but maybe in the summer I might invest in the dark colour. Next I think I am going to try the gradual tanning lotion for days when I just wanted to look slightly tanned without loads of effort.  Overall, I love Bondi Sands! 

Before applying tan

(Excuse the unflattering pose and the loo roll in the background ^ haha) 

After one application

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